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Atmar Decoration is the establishment of Atmar Group Ltd. The main activity of Atmar Decoration is decorating glass and ceramic cups, bottles, ashtrays with spray painting. Atmar Decoration was founded in 2010 and has been growing steadily ever since. Atmar Decoration spends at least 50% of its revenue on investigating innovation and improving working conditions.


Our Services


Our Services

We work for decoration that allows the glass and ceramic packaging to be stand out among their competitors on the market. We serve an industrial decoration service to our customers such as spirit drinks producers, soft drinks producers, food producers, candles producers, room and car perfumes producers, glassware sellers, and packaging designing companies. The techniques we frequently use while implementing the designs are below. However, our flexible sample preparation team is open to hearing your ideas for your unique designs.

Full Painting

Stem Painting

Deep Painting

Half-Bottom or

Half-Top Painting


Our Projects

In our facility, taking into consideration the contact of the painted products with food and beverages and therefore with living creatures, the frosting effect is not done with chemicals like acids.

Our paints used in all decoration processes are certified, water-based, and organic.

Transparent Spray
Stone Effect Coating
Soft Touch Coating
Frosting Effect
Crackle Effect Spray
Matt Spray
Rainbow Effect
Glossy Paint
Clay Effect Coating
Glow in Dark Spray
Opaque Spray
Advertising and Promotional Materials
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Address: street "Tsar Osvoboditel" 36, Novi Pazar 9900 BULGARIA

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